Key reasons to consider an investment in ProMIS Neurosciences
  • Massive market opportunity and unmet medical need in Alzheimer’s disease. No therapies available today to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Total US AD healthcare costs > $500BB, expected to triple over next 10-15 years. ProMIS lead product candidate for AD, PMN310, is uniquely designed to selectively block the toxic oligomers of amyloid beta, to stop the fundamental, underlying driver causing death of brain neurons in this devastating disease.
  • Management team. Experienced, complementary management team with outstanding scientific and business advisory boards.
  • Significant risk mitigation/reduction of ProMIS proposed product candidates. Big pharma has spent $BB on failed, or partially successful clinical trials in AD. Results of these trials clearly indicate the ideal target product profile to develop, i.e., to succeed, products must target the toxic oligomers of amyloid beta, and not target the other forms of amyloid beta, such as plaque. ProMIS products are designed to selectively target these toxic oligomers, supporting a highly differentiated, best in class product profile.
  • ProMIS proprietary discovery engine supports development of a broad product portfolio in neurodegenerative diseases. The ProMIS proprietary discovery platform allows to identify novel therapeutic targets on various toxic oligomers responsible for multiple neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and other dementias such as Lewy Body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

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