European Biopharmaceutical Review July 2019

By June 11, 2019June 14th, 2019In the News

The Future of R&D in Alzheimer’s Disease
ProMIS Neurosciences was recently highlighted in the European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR). Two key issues dominate the quest to establish effective treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • The need to develop drugs that are highly selective for amyloid-beta oligomers (AβOs), known to be the root cause of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The need to employ emerging Alzheimer’s Disease biomarkers to transform clinical trial design and enable cost-effective, early go/no decisions on investigational therapeutics

“the Aβ hypothesis has not yet been adequately and rationally tested because none of the failed drugs selectively targeted the pathogenic Aβ conformation. They targeted irrelevant species, such as plaque Aβ for aducanumab and Aβ monomers for crenezumab, which are present in AD brains at concentrations that dwarf that of AβOs.” – Neil Cashman, Chief Scientific Officer and Jim Kupiec, Chief Medical Officer, ProMIS Neurosciences.

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